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BRASILIA, July 20 (Xinhua) -- Nearly 300 nuclear security experts will be deployed for the upcoming Olympic Games, Agencia Brasil reported on Wednesday.

The nuclear security agents, trained in radiation detection, were also deployed at the 2014 World Cup of football.

"Close to 300 agents from the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) are to be engaged in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games," the agency said.

"Their work will focus on the prevention and identification of nuclear risks and emergency situations, as well as the response to such incidents," the agency added.

In the wake of recent terrorist strikes, Brazil has bolstered its security scheme for the games, including increasing the number of military troops to be deployed in and around Olympic venues and strategic sites.

Following last week's terrorist strike in Nice, France, the government announced it would increase the buffer zone between Olympic venues and circulating traffic, as well as tighten controls for accessing stadiums.

The Olympics will officially kick off with the opening ceremony on Aug. 5, and continue through Aug. 21. The Paralympics will be held on Sept. 7-18.

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