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 Заголовок сообщения: iPhone cannot charge the battery easily.
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First of all, must understand that There are two problems with charging the battery which are caused by hardware. And because of software, because iPhone is like a computer Both components are hardware and software. Can be the cause of both of them And when problems occur with charging Regardless of whether your battery is very low. Or if the battery has run out, then try the following:
Deal with a hard reset. Many people may not believe that this hard reset can solve many software-related problems. Even if the iPhone screen does not come up at all No response Probably have to try this method first Plug the charging cable into the iPhone before plugged in completely. Then try to wait for 2-3 minutes to see if there is anything on the screen or not. If not, press the Home button and Sleep / Wake button at the same time for about 7-10 seconds. If the iPhone has a software problem
This method will manage Back up and Reboot. If successful, you will see the Apple logo showing and the iPhone will work properly. This will not erase the memory on the phone, but if you are working on something. Before the phone turns off You can't get it back.
Check the charging cable and adapter. If trying the hard reset does not work, must check the charging device. See if the line is broken. Or torn at any point? Are there any spots, burns, or if they are melting? May try to test By trying to use another charging cable, but must be the brand of Apple to try to plug in because the problem may be with the next cable. Check the Adapter by trying to switch with another as well. Where is the problem with the cable or Adapter
Check the charging port. Because of the use Or to put in a handbag There may be dirt to get stuck. Or damage to the port. Try to observe and clean up first. Once cleaned Try plugging in the charger again.
If you try to check And solve the problem with the easy method above and still not working The problem may be with the hardware. In which the device must be sent for repair And in order to deliver the repair, the technician will have to try the methods above as well. Which, if you have tried all Would be good information Resulting in less time for inspection and repair
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 Заголовок сообщения: iPhone cannot charge the battery easily
СообщениеДобавлено: 12 июл 2020, 12:29 
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The iPhone also responds this way when the software is corrupt and it cannot properly boot. You should try installing a battery that you know works fine and then do a google search to put the unit in DFU mode. Once you have done so connect it to iTunes and restore it. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

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