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I have not installed this part. It was bought as a back up, so it is in storage for a rainy day. It appears to be a decent quality.
Hayden Krieg
Get a size larger than what you need. I am a 3x maybe 4x and I purchased a 5x based on other reviews and it fits pretty good. The only complaint is that the elastic around the bottom of the jersey is so tight when I opened it up wide the threads broke.
Ken Walcher
These are super soft and warm. Baby sleeps better on these than the store bought sheets we have. They fit the original pack n play fold up mattress and our permanent portable mattress.
Carl Hutchinson
good but runs big but was fine. very warm.
Zhè Shì Muhsein

The fad of the inside the nfl super bowl 49 showtime will shock you

What's Upon Your Football Tshirt?

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